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Career Counselling Certification Program

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Career Counselling Certificate Program

We are Looking for People who will Help Us Guide the Next

Generation to Make their Life more Fulfilling…

Are YOU Ready?

During our Career Counselling Certification program, We’ll teach you everything We know about Mapping people’s Career – including yours.

Dear Reader,
From 2006, we’ve devoted our time to guiding people – and organizations – how to choose the right path of your career, Identify Purpose of life and your true natural Potential creating to invite and harness success and have a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Program Objectives: To prepare and equip the new wave of qualified and passionate Career Counsellors - Guide students and adults to make Sound Career Decisions and update themselves with the latest Career Opportunities and Career trends in India and abroad.

Career Counselling Certification program is where you’ll learn EduGroomers’ proven curriculum and methodology delivering Career Guidance and Counseling. In fact, you’ll learn more about Guidance and Counselling in 12+ Sessions than it took us to figure out on our own!

Not only will we be helping you to master and practice Career Counseling, you’ll also learn about 17 key Career Clusters which you can incorporate into your existing material, or Counsel using one of the many outlines you will be provided with.

Are you're ready to make a Quantum Leap in your Career?

Are you ready to Launch yourself to a whole new level as a Teaching, Guiding, Parenting, Career Counselling?

This program is Ideal for you if you want to…

  • Empower yourself to Transform Lives
  • Facilitate Informed Decision making of choosing the RIGHT Career
  • Become a More Effective teacher, trainer or counselor
  • Understand Child’s Developmental Psychology
  • Accelerate your Training, Counselling Career Growth
  • Tackle and counsel regarding different Career Problems
  • Deepen your knowledge about Various Career Options Available

Level 1 – For Retired Seniors, Parents, Teachers, Educationists and Professionals from Medicine, Human Resource, Counselling faculty who meets people from various education industry backgrounds and want a deeper understanding of different careers and issues revolving around them. Use it to make a difference in the World in your own personal manner.

Level 2 – For professionals who want to take it forward and Head start a career in Career Counselling and thereby guiding students and adults in a professional manner.

You simply must apply to our Career Counselling Certification program as a lifetime investment in yourself and your career! If you act quickly you'll be joining what is going to be the most connected, informed, successful, contemporary, up to date and easy to learn course delivered by practitioners with years of rich experience and knowledge

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