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corporate services

EduGroomers provides premium HR services to assess new-hire and existing employees, as well as providing corporate leadership and professional development training services.

RecruitmentVerify (For New Employees)
Do you want to identify your prospective employees' strengths and weaknesses?
Are you interested to know whether the candidate is a proper fit for your job profile?

EduGroomers RecruitmentVerify Program was set up to help HR Managers, Recruiters and Contracting companies analyze and audit their prospective candidates before hiring them for a given job profile.

Our program will help you understand the personality, strengths, weaknesses, characteristic traits and emotional intelligence of the interviewee; thus enabling you to hire the right candidate for the job profile.

What you can expect from this program
  • Know your candidate's profile before you meet them in person
  • Understand the personality and its strengths towards your business needs
  • Save precious time and work efficiency by hiring the RIGHT employees
  • Reduce attrition to turnover ratio
  • Easily identify perfect candidates for your workplace environment

KYT Profiling (For Existing Employees)
Are you interested to know how well your team is performing?
Do you want to audit your staff's capabilities and qualities?

EduGroomers KYT Profiling Solution (Know Your Team) was created with an aim to help company owners, managers, and team leads to analyze employee skills, interests, personality and emotional quotient. Putting right people in the right seats can help charter a company's success and boost company productivity and revenue.

Just as each member of a cricket team has different skills to offer, so do members of a corporate team. Our program helps you know your team better and analyze how well your team works in decision making, problem solving, time management and adapting to change.

What you can expect from this program:
  • Understand the overall growth potential of your existing staff
  • Identify smart employees to boost Company productivity
  • Classify your staff as per their personality and assign suitable roles
  • Help remove weak links (candidates) to improve efficacy and efficiency
  • Utilize your existing staff to their best potential
  • Save precious time and money in assigning and managing resources

corporate servicesLeadership Training & Development (For Existing Employees)
Do you want to find out how well your team communicates?
Are you interested in making your team more valuable and efficient?

EduGroomers Leadership Training & Development Program was created to help you learn what it takes to be a good leader, how to form a team, and how to continuously improve the way your team functions and lead it to success.

Creating and leading a successful team needs time, dedication, effort and skill. Creating and leading a successful team needs time, dedication, effort and skill. With our program, you can continuously improve the way your team functions and lead it to success.

We also provide interactive sessions and games where your entire team is involved in activities both indoor and outdoor. This helps in developing team spirit and team bonding. The program can be customized based on your company needs and requirements.

What you can expect from this program:
  • Develop effective and successful teams
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Help setup common goals and objectives
  • Apply your team's best personality traits to your organization's advantage
  • Build creative, productive and motivated teams
  • Promote better communication and trust
  • Learn valuable lessons of team spirit in fun manner

Leadership Training & Development Curriculum

  • Importance of Leadership
  • Ways to Inculcate Leadership
  • Top 20 Qualities for Successful Leaders at Work
  • Create a Winning Team
  • Perform well as a Team
  • Importance of Teamwork
  • Understand Cultural Differences
  • Art of Appreciation
  • Leader v/s Follower v/s Manager
  • Power Of Persuasion & Influences
  • Positive & Effective Leader
  • Build Enthusiasm
  • Behavioral Classification of Team member
  • Application of Leadership principles in Real life

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