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Business, Accounts & Finance

This career cluster relates to terms like Balance sheets, Taxation, Audits, Accounting, Budgeting, Profit-Loss, Assets, Investment, Risk Analysis and Planning, Forex, Financial Report analysis & preparation, Pay roll, Revenue, etc.
When we hear of accounts the first job title that clicks is a CA, similarly finance reminds of financial analyst. However there are many more Job titles in Accounts & Finance.
Being in Accounts would require a person to have strong mathematical sills, Analytical & logical skills, well structured, organized & a lot of perseverance. The common job titles in accounts are CA, CWA/CMA, CIMA, CPA, CIA, CFAP, CFE, Accounts Manager, Book keeper, Bank Accountant, etc.

A typical day in an accounts job would include:-
  • Analyze company budget, expenses and revenue, bookkeeping and payroll,
  • Figure company benefits, auditing, manage bank accounts and investments,
  • Prepare profit and loss statements,
  • Compile and analyze financial information,
  • Billing invoices and accounting policies,
  • Handling of financial data and reports, and so on.

Finance requires a person to have strong analytical & reasoning skills, excellent mathematical abilities, having updated knowledge of the finance - economic markets, good oral & written communication skills, etc. The common job titles under finance are CFP, CFA, FRM, CFM, researcher, Forex trader, venture capitalist, stock broker, etc.

A typical day in a finance job would include:-
  • Research the global trends & the market,
  • Help in maximizing the financial resources,
  • Study & suggest the investment options, wealth & assets management,
  • Deal in foreign exchange,
  • Budgeting & reviewing expenses, etc.

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