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Arts, Design, Media & Communication

This career cluster relates to creating,designing, communicating ideas to people in an effective manner.
The field of arts can be grouped into fine arts (paint, sculpture, etc) and designing (graphic, fashion, interior). Each of these subgroups have huge scope and incorporate specialties of being unique, effective, presentable and appealing. Many artists work with a concept where their work speaks out a thousand words and clearly expresses the motive or the feeling of the artist.
Photography, videography and editing is another component of this cluster which deals with live video footage and pictures and effectively use them for presentation, film production or cinema purpose. Actors and performing artists (standup comedian, dancers) form the fourth component of this cluster. Bollywood, theaters, events are all stages for the performing artists.
Journalism, PR, Entertainment and TV industry form the fifth component of this cluster. Writers, Authors, schedulers, presenters, advertisers and various other careers are attached to this industry.
A person with zeal of creativity doing work, knack of doing something new every time, and self motivation is extremely important to be successful in the field of arts, design, media & communication.

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