Farida Anajwalla has graduated in Psychology from Sophia College, Mumbai University. She is currently pursuing Masters in Clinical Psychology. With her adept knowledge f psychology and various certifications in Counselling skills such as Robert Carkuff, REBT, Creative Writing, Handwriting Analysis and Existential Therapy, Farida comes across to be a person who effortlessly make a strong impact to an individual’s life. She is a certified career counsellor with EduGroomers and is actively
involved with career counselling and conducting career awareness workshops, including one at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai: Maharashtra State. She currently manages EduGroomers career counselling programmes for students and working adults in Byculla centre.


  • BA (Psychology), MA (Clinical Psychology)
  • Experienced Emotional Counsellor for Children, Adolescents and Adults
  • Excellent Communication Skills and Remediation to Psychological Issues
  • Specialist in career guidance for students and working adults