Profile Building:

Linkedin, Resume, College Essays, Admissions Applications – Out team mentors you along the way to include relevant and appropriate content. There are many interactions with the students and working adults to help get clarity in the areas of life and achievements that add value to the profile.

College Admissions Abroad:

Our panel of study abroad consultants guide you for college selection and application process abroad. We work in an unbiased way to provide assistance with all college applications across the globe. We work with Indian public and international schools as well as with individual students at our centers to provide these services.

Personality Development and Finishing School Workshops:

  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover various life and social skills
  • Hone your skills and develop optimistic approach to life
  • Learn new cutting-edge skills through our internship program
  • Strengthen your capability and competency for better job opportunities

Teacher Training Modules:

We run various school programs and provide bespoke teacher training modules as per the school requirements.

Job Interview Training:

We work with colleges as well as private institutes to provide job interview training for candidates in technical and management fields.

Corporate Training:

Bespoke organizational behavioural training can be development and executed by our team for employees of SME organizations.

Internship Experience at EduGroomers:

EduGroomers runs 240 hours internship program between Feb – May and Sept-Dec every year. Emotional counselors, school teachers, study abroad consultants, tutors, HR professionals, AYUSH professionals, educational enthusiasts can consider this internship opportunity. We regularly provide opportunities for eligible candidates to learn and practice career counselling under experienced counsellors.

Get Certified:

If you have studied Psychology and are keen on starting career guidance services, you may get certified by EduGroomers and start your own career guidance Center in association with EduGroomers.

Emotional Counselling:

Our team of counselors provides professional counselling to children especially on personal problems or emotional, behavioral or social difficulties wherein the counsellors focus on the emotional well being of the child.

Career Workshop:

We provide workshops for career orientations, as it provides with a medium to connect through a larger group of individuals, to communicate in detail all the career options available in various stream. That would give a complete awareness about the various career options in today’s trend.

Career Counseling:

We often tend to spend much of our lifetime in doing work. And then we often realize that is necessary for us to be happy in doing our work. Our Career Counseling program helps you to choose the correct career path, based on various aspects of personality, interests, and many more assessment that we conduct at our centers.

CSR / NGO projects:

We always believe in giving back to the community. We provide workshops, career counselling sessions and assessment to various NGOs to help brighten children’s future. We also provide these services to the defense force of our nation at a nominal cost.