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EduGroomers Teacher Training Programme (ETTP)


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Teachers constitute to be the most important pillar of the education system.Great teachers help create great students. In fact, an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing students to excel, grow, and achieve success. Hence it is pivotal to pay close attention to train and support both new and experienced educators. EduGroomers teacher training program is related to the development of teachers’ proficiency and competence that would enable and empower them to meet the requirements of the profession and face the challenges therein, in most effective way.


Career Awareness
  • It is important for teachers to understand and implement…..
    • How to Teach?
    • What to Teach?
    • How Students' Learn?
    • How to Inspire and Motivate Learners?
    • How to Manage a Classroom?
    • How to Engage Parents in the Learning Process?

  • Challenges faced by today’s teachers’ fraternity:
    • Many colleges and universities are revamping their education policies, making it mandatory for teachers to update their skillsets
    • Education system is becoming complex day by day, requiring teachers to do more thinking and be more effective in teaching complex concepts
    • Teacher – Student relationship is losing its integrity; thus the importance of teacher is increasing more and more to engage the students constructively for their academic growth
    • Increased polarity amongst students – we are seeing that in a classroom, usually, one set of students are highly focused on their education and future goals, while other set of students are highly distracted and have attention deficit
    • Increased polarity amongst parents – Similar to students, there has also been a considerable increase in polarity amongst parents – with one set of parents who are completely informed and aware about their child’s academic and personal progress, while other set of parents who are completely ignorant about their child’s current progress and future
    • Increased Accountability - A teacher has to balance both (the above sets of parents and students) and tackle each group’s set of issues in a different way

  • Benefits of our program:
    • Helps to improve and strengthen teacher – student relationship
    • Provides insight to teachers about their teaching methodology
    • Allows teachers become disciplined and good learners themselves
    • Facilitate teachers to evaluate their work and strike measures for improvement
    • Improves emotional intelligence of teachers to increase their effectiveness inside and outside classroom
    • Explores various child learning problems at different age group with their symptoms to allow teachers to identify them early and suggest remedial or special education
    • Guides teachers to shape students personality in better way
    • Assists teachers to achieve a proper work- life balance
    • Enables teachers to overcome their day to day work difficulties
    • Helps schools to function as effective institution addressing concerns of parents, students and teachers alike

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