(Career Counselling for India & Abroad)

We believe that career counselling should be accessible to every person irrespective of their social or financial standing. Thus, we work with students from varied socio-economic backgrounds, offering them unbiased and quality guidance and pointing them in the direction of their ideal career choice that matches their interests at affordable pricing.

Through our unique step-by-step counselling, we seek to assist students in becoming aware of their strengths and interests and empower them to take mindful decisions in the future. When their interests become compatible with the choice of careers, it brings about an individual's full potential, leading to a prosperous professional journey. And through a series of steps, we specifically aim for that.

  • One-on-one conversations, questionnaires, and administering career/aptitude tests

  • We collect information regarding the educational background, interests, and aspirations

  • We increase the awareness of your interests, strengths, and weaknesses based on the results. Then, by providing relevant information about the various courses and career choices available, we encourage you to explore different options available

  • Once you have an in-depth understanding of yourself and your interests, career counsellors work with you to evaluate your options and guide you to choose the career option that best fit you

  • After setting the goals, the counsellor assists you in developing a detailed plan of action in order to achieve their academic or career goals. They include strategies like skill development, profile building, networking, and others

  • With regular follow-ups, the counsellor provides continuous support and guidance while implementing the career plan

With the help of our committed group of outstanding career counsellors, we hope to assist as many students as we can from various backgrounds and direct them toward pursuing their ideal careers. Every person should be able to enjoy a prosperous professional career. We collaborate with numerous schools, colleges, and NGOs to expand our reach and provide assistance to anyone in need in order to accomplish that.