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Our Team

Mr. Anuj Jain

Founder of EduGroomers

- BE, MS, MBA, MA (Psy), CPC, CAPM, TRP, NLP Practitioner

- IC3 certified, GCC – UCLA Extn certified, Sr. IEEE Member

Dr. Shreya Udare

Expert Career Counsellor

- BHMS, MS (Counselling and Psychotherapy)

- Practicing Homeopathy Consultant

- Master NLP Practitioner

Ms. Vaishali Bawle

Career and School Counsellor

BA.LLB, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. In Psychology

Mrs. Shehnaz Kherodawala

Experienced Career Counsellor

- BA, MA (Industrial Psychology)

Ms. Deepali Narkhede

Emotional and Academic Counsellor

Teacher Trainer

B.Sc., B.Ed., MA(Psy), NLP Practitioner

About EduGroomers

To navigate the complex and ever-changing job market and help students make informed decisions about their education and career path, Anuj Jain established EduGroomers in 2009. And then there was no looking back. With our distinctive and in-depth counselling, we have successfully assisted and guided numerous students to achieve their ideal career paths.

We at EduGroomers, provide one-on-one support and personalized guidance to students to assist them in choosing the career option that best fits them. In order to equip them with the confidence and knowledge to make future decisions, we work with students as early as 8th grade (age 14 onwards).

EduGroomers is a one-stop solution to all your academic and career-related worries. At EduGroomers, you will be provided with comprehensive, unbiased, and affordable guidance and support.

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Career Counselling for India & Abroad

Our mission as a group of certified career counsellors is to enable the next generation young adults to make wise and informed career decisions. EduGroomers counsellors have unique educational and professional background, extensive industry knowledge, and years of relevant work experience. Our shared objective of Unbiased and Impartial career counselling brings us together as a team as we share the desire to help students and adults to find the careers that are the best fit for them.

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Need For Career Counselling

Clarity and Direction : Career counselling helps us gain clarity about our career goals and provides direction in choosing the right path. We explore our personal interests, strengths, values, and skills to identify suitable career options.

Informed Decision-Making : Career counselling provides us with relevant and up-to-date information about various courses, industries, and career alternatives. We make well-informed decisions by assessing the pros and cons of different options, considering market trends, and aligning them with our personal preferences.

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